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Bournemouth Chinese Association (BCA), located on the sunny south coast of Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom, is a charitable foundation dedicated to uniting the Chinese and British community. The Charity aims to help the Chinese in the local community with a variety of things such as translating, administration help, property and medical assistance, schooling and more. BCA have established a network of caring relationships in the community particularly with the elderly, new families entering the country and new students. For some, living in the UK can prove to be daunting. What BCA  aim to do is alleviate the stress and build a friendly community so the Chinese people in the local area can turn to each other for help, guidance and advice. With the dedication of their volunteers they strive to improve the standards of living of the Chinese. The oldest member of the community who they support is 99 years old and the youngest member is 2 years old! BCA hope that more volunteers can join them to serve this Chinese community. Please contact BCA to learn about their work and to support the cause.

伯恩茅斯华人协会(BCA)位于英国多塞特郡的一个海滨小城普尔,地处阳光明媚的英国南部海岸,是一个致力于团结华人和英国社区的慈善 机构。我们是非营利组织,旨在为当地社区的华人提供各种帮助,例如翻译,新移民,就学,等其它更多方面的帮助。 BCA已在社区内建立了关爱的关系网,面向当地华人尤其是面向老年人,进入该国的新家庭和新学生实施帮助。对于有些华人在某个特定时期来说,住在英国可能会遇到困难, BCA的目的便是张开关爱的关系网,让人们减轻压力,消除迷惑与孤独并建立一个友爱的社区,以便当地的中国人可以互相寻求帮助,相互取暖,相互守望,在面临困难时得到及时的指导和建议。在志愿者的帮助下,我们努力提高当地华人的生活水平与生活情趣。我们支持的社区中年龄最大的成员是99岁,最小的成员是2岁!我们希望有更多的志愿者可以加入我们共同为这一块华人社区服务。请与伯恩茅斯华人协会联系,以了解我们的工作, 共同支持这一项有意义的义工工作。


The Causes

With the dedication of their volunteers they strive to improve the standards of living of the local Chinese and help the citizens integrate into mainstream British society with ease.


Building and uniting communities


One of our main causes at Bournemouth Chinese Association is building and uniting the British and Chinese community particularly those in Dorset. We spend a significant portion of our fundraising on this, organizing special shows and events celebrating Chinese New Year and Autumn Moon Festival, for sometimes up to 200 people. 


Taking care of the elderly 


One of the main reasons Bournemouth Chinese Association was founded was to give back to the elderly in the Chinese community. We’ve dedicated a lot of man-hours in raising sponsorship so the elderly get to attend our events free of charge or highly discounted. 

尊老爱幼是中华民族的美德,我们致力于保留这一优良传统。伯恩茅斯华人协会成立的主要原因之一是回馈并关爱华人社区中的老年人。我们投入了大量的工作时间来筹备善款,使老年人可以免费或更加优惠参加我们的活动, 丰富他们的生活。

Helping those new to the country


One of our goals is to ensure that those entering the UK for the first time have the support and help they need from the Chinese community who have lived here for many years. Contact us to learn more.


The Mission 使命

Making the Chinese community a better place


The Chairman and board of directors are community leaders with over 10 years of volunteering experience, dedicated to the mission of making the Chinese community a better place. The work with sponsors is aimed at creating awareness of not just people in the local Chinese community but also businesses. 


“Helping the community is something every Bournemouth Chinese Association Member is passionate about”

Gui Lan Bell - Chairman, Bournemouth Chinese Association




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